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Baikal is inhabited by no less then 3500 species of invertebrates

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Welcome to the world of Siberian invertebrates. Our main goal is popular presentation of these remarkable creatures which consist 3/4 of all the biodiversity of our planet. We hope, however, the materials placed here will be interesting not only for students, nature lovers and children, but for scientists too. Most of our authors are members of Hydrobiology and Invertebrate Zoology Department of the Irkutsk State University. We are welcome all contacts for co-operative investigations of invertebrates and invite you to visit the beautiful territory around Lake Baikal.

About 500 species of terrestrial and freshwater invertebrates of the Baikal region are represented on this site. Unique macrophotographs of typical Siberian species, including Baikalian endemics, will help you to recognize most characteristic representatives of our fauna. Pictures mostly were made in natural conditions.

Most pages still in Russian, but you can see the pictures.

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